Avalon Ladies Skittles League

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2021-2022 Season


CHANGES:  Hit Wood (Div.2) are playing on Monday and not Tuesday.


                 Silly Billys (Div.2) are playing at the King William on a Tuesday NOT Avalon Club on Monday.

                 Pink Ladies (Div.1) have pulled out.  Their games now become byes.

                 YoYos (Div.1) have pulled out.  Their games now become byes.

                 Div.1:  Tuesday 15th March read:  Meare Follies v YoYos (now a bye) 

                                                                  Mind the Gaps v Hippy Chicks

                                                                  Newcomers v Wranglers

                           Tuesday 29th March read:  MTG v YoYos (now a bye)

                                                                  Newcomers v Alley Cats

I expect some of you will have noticed that this is not a leap year, so for 29th February read 1st March in Div 1.

Next time (if there is one), I am not going to put teams alphabetically in the book - this is where all the typos occur!!

The 2021-22 season will be starting on Monday 11th October.  There will be a 3-week break at Christmas and New Year, and will finish at the end of March.

We have 24 teams - making 2 divisions of 12.

One new team has joined - Legion Alicats based obviously at Street Legion.

There will be no league fees or registration fees - this will be a completely free season.

There will be NO CANCELLED MATCHES therefore no backmatches, and no cup competitions. 

Sticker-up money will be a minimum of £10 per game per team for 6/7/8 players and £1.25 for every player on the bottom.

If you wish, take your own sanitizier/wipes etc.. I expect most alleys will have some sort of covid protection set up.  We suggest sticker-ups are provided with a pair of disposable gloves for each match.  It is up to them if they want to use them or not.

One fixture book, 1 scorebook and 12 scorecards will be posted to each captain.  It is up to each captain to inform players the fixtures dates.  PLEASE READ THE RULES AS THEY HAVE BEEN CHANGED AND ARE IMPORTANT.

Please Consult this page to be kept up-to-date with latest info.

The Committee